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What's Happening with the 2024 NVCF Gala?

Just an update on the Gala.

While the 2022 and 2023 North Van Cares Foundation Galas were absolutely incredible and a testament to the caring community we live in we are taking a short break for 2024.

These events are only possible with the help of volunteers and, even then, a lot of the work falls to me (Jacquie). The problem with throwing yourself into non-profit work is that your for profit career suffers. And the 2023 gala took a significant bite out of my real estate business.

The North Van Cares Foundation is a labour of love for me and for the amazing folks that have helped along the way. While I am disappointed not to be able to bring you this event for 2024 I am confident we will find a corporate sponsor, someone who loves the shore as much as we all do, for 2025.

For 2024 I am going to focus on real estate but I do have a few things up my sleeve (of course) that should keep our NVC community together and, as always, I am here and ready to help where it's needed. Reach out if you need us!

My sincere thanks to every single one of you for your continued support.

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