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what was the inspiration?

Get to Know Us

Growing up my mom always instilled in us an attitude of gratitude. There was never a time that we were not aware of our privilege.


This came from her own upbringing in Toronto where she, and her siblings, were often the recipients of The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund, a service that gave gifts to under-privileged kids in the city. She never forgot that the kindness of strangers offered them joy and hope when it was scarce. 

When COVID 19 hit Canada in March of 2020 I realized that my parents, living in Ontario (I'm in BC) would not know how to access and sort of social services so they would have to go out to shop etc. I was worried for them but I couldn't help them directly. Instead I started The North Van Cares Foundation to get groceries and prescriptions for seniors (and others) here at home. I created a Facebook group on March 17th, 2020 and by the 31st it had over 1000 members. By May that number had swelled to over 3500 and we're now at 3700+.

The willingness of North Van's community to help out was overwhelming! (literally!) By May we were helping over 200 seniors etc get their groceries, prescriptions and even beer ;) 

NVC's became the tool with which kind-hearted folks could connect and help others and it's grown from there. 

A full list of the Foundation's accomplishments can be viewed here.

Suffice to say the North Van Cares Foundation has become THE go-to fundraising machine for several beneficiaries and is counted on in times of immediate need. 

As a grassroots organization we're able to move fast when help is needed.

If you'd like to join us please check out the many ways we can always use help or make a donation, it will be used wisely and will continue to add to the good works. 

North Vancouver was voted Canada's most giving community in 2021, in no small part to the generosity of folks who donated to North Van Cares. 

Our Story

Local Realtor® Jacquie McCarnan and her 2 daughters started The North Van Cares Foundation together as "something to do" during the early days of COVID. 

They saw a need for helping seniors and other folks in the community and knew they needed to do something to help. 

Since 2020 the Foundation, with the help of thousands of North Vancouver volunteers and donators, has accomplished much more than it's original mandate and is excited to be able to bring more and more great ways to support several North Vancouver charities.

Some of the Foundations accompishments include:

Meet The Team


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